How would i find a compatible Graphics Card from my MotherBoard

I am really new to the computer stuff and i'm looking into building my first pc. The motherboard iv'e been looking at is the ASUS Sabertooth X79 TUF Motherboard ( and the graphics card iv'e been looking at is the GeForce GTX 780 ( but when i click buy online it shows a bunch of different GTX 780 and i don't really understand whats different with them and which one goes with the motherboard.

Any help would awesome, thanks.
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    The different GTX 780 are from different manufactures. What happens is NVIDIA releases the GPU and architecture, and it is up to the individual distribution companies to create the card as well as the cooling solution. The card will work fine, and it's near the top specs for it's given price range. If you are looking to use this for video editing/compression or another GPU intensive go with the higher OC or TI models, which will save you processing time. Or...
    If you are using this card for high end video gaming, go with the lower level cards as even the stock GTX 780 is overkill for 99.99 of the games out there.
    Gigabyte, EVGA, GeForce and PNY are all good choices for card manufactures.
    That being said, they are not all equal, try to find the fastest speed you can get for the price when comparing them.
  2. Thanks for all the help! So would the PNY Video Graphics Card VCGGTX7803XPB ( be good for high end gaming and is this what u mean by stoch GTX 780?
  3. Wow the price has come down a lot for those puppies. I'd say go with it, you definitely won't be feeling the buyers remorse with a sweet card like that!
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