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Hi guys!
My father has an old computer that is pretty messed up. The current OS is windows xp and Im thinking if I could upgrade to a Windows 7 copy.
When I look at the system requirements of windows 7, I believe that it needs more ram to run win7, since it has only 512mb of ram installed. The motherboard is an Albatron 915-SLI and the CPU is the Intel Pentium 4 630 (Prescott - 90nm) @ 3GHz. It has an Gigabyte geforce 6600gt installed. So Im thinking of upgrading to 2gigs of ddr1 ram (40 euro for 2x2 kit). You think this will be enough for running windows 7?? Will there be an improvement over windows xp? The main use the computer gets is internet browsing (currently Opera, since chrome uses too much ram), downloading, excel-word file editing, email downloading, burning dvd's, etc. So not very heavy use like audio/video/photo editing, gaming and stuff. Its being used quite like an office computer.
The thing is that the motherboard doesnt list windows7 as compatible in the manual. Well thats normal since when it came out, there were no windows7. Still how can I be sure that there will everything be compatible?
Thank you.
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  1. Before you reinstall the OS, make sure that you get the right drivers for the mobo for WIN 7. If the drivers are available in the internet, then adding more RAM should be fine. IMO even the WIN 7 home basic would suffice for his needs.
  2. if you are really unsure I could sujest PC part picker -
  3. The system looks to be getting on in age. It won't last forever, even with some upgrades.
    At some point, the money spent on upgrades may provide better value if it is saved and put towards a new system. But that decision needs to factor in what your computing needs are too.
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