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I'm just starting to contemplate my next PC build. I want it to do gaming, but my standards are probably lower than most gamers. I like open world games like Skyrim, Far Cry, GTA, etc. Of course I like to play them with the graphic cranked up, but most of these sorts of games are playable with less intense hardware. Mostly I'm looking for most bang for the buck. That said, I don't need to play games on hi fi audio. I really wouldn't expect to play on resolutions greater than 1920x1440 and would mostly play on 1600x1200. I don't want to overlock nor do I want to leave room to upgrade. Basically I buy a new PC every 5 years or so. I'd want to make sure whatever I build would be at LEAST as good as a ps4 or xbox one. It's hard to say what price range I'd be looking at, but maybe $1500 for the whole system. I wouldn't want to pay much more than $250 for the GPU.

Is this enough information for someone to recommend a mobo/GPU/CPU? I was thinking I would window shop for a month or so watching prices before actually pulling the trigger. Oh, and I expect to used a mid-atx tower, windows os.

I do have significant experience building PCs but I haven't done one for at least 5 years and I don't follow the technical between builds so any advice is appreciated. I'm just trying to get started.

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    $1500 for whole system meaning monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc?
  2. i find it weird that the one part of the build your gonna restrict is the gpu. if you like to crank up the graphics i would go with something good their. $1500 system is a pretty good build. in your case i would go with i5 3570k cpu and ASRock Z77 Extreme4 mobo. that way you can get a card like a gtx 780 and be set playin games at max settings for a while.
  3. I agree with mike
    My build on my sig costs about $1500, albeit I scoured the internet for the best deals.
    But here is a build that i suggested to my friend.
  4. shadowOak said:
    $1500 for whole system meaning monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc?

    I'm really not sure. I've looked at some of the guides and I'm still not sure what I can or can't salvage from older hardware. I'm an older gamer which means I've got the money so it's more about value for me than it is about staying within a certain budget. The reason I find the guides hard to relate to in some ways is because they include paying for stuff I wouldn't necessarily want. Unless things have changed dramatically in the last 5 yeas, onboard sound is probably fine with me. Also I don't overclock because I want the PC to be stable and last and I don't want the extra noise created by more fans, not to mention the extra cost. Likewise I wouldn't want to run dual GPU cards. But, to answer you question, going by Toms guides, I'd probably be somewhere in the range of Toms's recent $800 gaming PC. Again, it all depends. I really don't know what it takes to beat a PS4/xbox One, but that would be a critical requirement. What would be the least I'd have to spend on a CPU/GPU/Mobo to do that? I figure I could start at that price point and go up if bang-for-buck options are too good to pass up. Also, I'd be willing to wait out this price inflation with the bitcoin nonsense.

    Hope that gives you a better idea what I'm looking for and why I don't quite match the vanilla build guides.
  5. shadowOak said:
    I agree with mike
    My build on my sig costs about $1500, albeit I scoured the internet for the best deals.
    But here is a build that i suggested to my friend.

    That actually looks right in the neighborhood of what I wanted to spend although I could go more or less and would want an SSD. In terms of gaming, how would that compare to PS4/Xbox1? My feeling is that the last generation of console is pushing 7 years before an upgrade, so if I can meet/beat the newest generation I should be good for a few years. Seems to me game companies don't work hard to make games more powerful than consoles can run them...
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