Cooler Master TX 3 for i5 4570

i am using this cpu cooler for my intel i5 4570, and the temp is 35-37, is it normal ?, i dont do any overclocking
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  1. Sounds about right. Idle temps are heavily affected by room temperature. The TX3 is way better than the stock cooler so your temps at full load should stay well within normal operating range.
  2. its fine temperatures.
  3. i dont know because i got the same temp with stock cooling, i just replace it with tx3 and got 28 yesterday. Today i started to use my pc from 8 AM to 11 AM , mostly surfing web and watching movie, but the temp is still 35 3-7, so i am confused
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    my idle temps with a intel stock cooler was 50-60 degrees celsius so i switched over to tx3 and it dropped down to 34 - 36 degrees celsius idle. Its not the best but aslong as i dont overclock too much, its fine. Remember good airflow is very important too
  5. thank you for the answer, it's just suck that i spend money for a cpu cooler and receive no different thant the stock ones
  6. It will cool much better at load than the stock one
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