Not sure what processor to pick for gaming PC

At the moment i am looking at this processor:

But i was wondering if that was a bit overkill for a gaming PC.
Is there a similar processor that can do nearly the same or a bit lower that would be cheaper and would work wonders for a gaming PC
I would like to stick to Intel if possible but if there is another one similar to this or slightly lower in performance with another brand feel free to link below.
I've hear there are great I5 processors that are good for gaming, but i'm new to the whole PC gaming scene and want to see whats best.
Thanks for reading!
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    Are you only going to game? No 3d rendering? Demanding programs like CAD? Sony vegas? etc....?
    If u arent, and are only going to game then yes that CPU is overkill, if u want a similar CPU still in the intel catagory i would advice the i5 4670k, if u still want an overclockable CPU, its like 100 bucks cheaper and it still kicks ass in gaming
    Games nowadays need a high end GPU and a mid end CPU so if u get a 4670k for gaming it should be fine, it will not bottleneck anything u throw at it
  2. the best per dollar performance i5 4670k
  3. Ok that sounds great thanks, but I may want to do a bit of recording and small editing, would that still be a good processor to have?
  4. You only gain hyper threading and a larger cache, with an i7.
  5. Yes, its still a very good processor, if u were doing heavy 3d rendering i would tell u to go with the I7 u had but recording and small editing should be fiine
  6. So it should help run quite demanding games like Battlefield 4 and such alot? As I want to be getting the best graphics possible with 60 fps ect, i know that's what the graphics card is for but as I said i'm a nood and dont know much :/
  7. I5 is perfect if you are only gaming and internet browsing. I5 3570k for lga 1155 and I5 4670k for lga 1150
  8. Mate dont worry :) as long as u have a decent GPU and a CPU that runs at least at 3ghz u have no problem , and with intel a 3ghz CPU is a beast :P because u use all the cores
    Put the money u save on the CPU towards a better GPU, always invest in the GPU :)
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