Minimum GPU fan speed?

Whilst gaming I experience lag spikes. To see what the issue was I monitored a number of things, which turned out to be consistent. When I monitored fan speed, I noticed that my fan speed would drop which then lead to the lag spikes. I have MSI Afterburner and it has a Fan Speed (%) option but it doesn't seem to do much although I have only changed it minorly as the last time I messed about with Afterburner I did something wrong which lead to my computer freezing.

What is the easiest way to set a minimum fan speed for my graphics card, which is an MSI HD7770?

Thanks :D
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  1. As soon as you open afterburner it will have all the sliders and such, the one at the bottom will be fan speed, make sure the user defined button is pressed, it will glow green. Then go into settings and then fan, and make a curve.
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