My Acer Extensa 4620 is stuck in boot loop. Do not have original hard drive so I cannot do a system recovery. Please help!!

Acer Extensa 4620 is stuck in a boot up loop. I have absolutely no idea why or how it happened. I do not have any recovery disks, nor do I have the original hard drive installed. I will admit to being pretty ignorant when it comes to the configuration of a computer. I need some SERIOUS help here. Please, please, please help! Thanks for any and all assistance.
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  1. Can you get it into safe mode?
  2. JimmoR3M said:
    Can you get it into safe mode?

    I tried but it just gives me a list of what looks like the drivers or something but it might as well be greek to me. This happens on all 3 "Safe Modes." With networking, with command prompt & regular safe mode.
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