Audioengine A2+ and S8 sub with Xonar D2X setup


It's my first post on this forum and I would like to ask You for help.

I recently bought Audioengine A2+ speakers with S8 sub and I would like to connect them to my Xonar D2X to get 2.1 sound.
The manual of the card says that to get 2.1 sound I have to plug 3.5mm jack to D2X front/headphone slot (I don't want to use usb connection). Both speakers and sub have variable inputs and outputs.

Now I should connect the sub from it INPUT to the card and then via RCA cable speakers from it OUTPUT to another S8 INPUT?


I should connect the sub from it INPUT to the card and then via RCA cable speakers from it INPUT to S8 OUTPUT?

Is connecting the sub to my soundcard better solution then connecting the speakers directly to it and connect via RCA cable from speakers OUTPUT to sub INPUT?
I would also like to use S8 crossover.

Is it possible to get 2.1 sound if I connect the sub from it INPUT to D2X with one 3.5mm jack cable to the front/headphone nest and the speakers from it INPUT with second 3.5mm jack cable to the center/subwoofer nest of the card without RCA connection between speakers and sub?

The second thing is how to configure asus xonar audio center? There's no 2.1 settings. Only 2 channels and 2 speakers option. There's no sub there so I can't test it or even set the volume of it. Only left and right speakers are visible.

I'll be very grateful for Your help and suggestions how to solve my issue.
Thank You in advance.


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  1. The crossover in the S8 only affects the subwoofer not the A2s so it doesn't matter how you connect them they will play full range.
    If you want to crossover the A2s then you would connect the A2s to the front out and the sub to the sub out of the card. When you plug in the sub to the sub out it should show the 2.1 as an option in the setup. Then you can configure it. I would connect it this way as it will allow the A2s to play louder and sound better if the bass is removed from them rather than just adding the bass of the S8.
  2. Hello!
    Thank You for Your answer. I've connected A2+ to front out of the card and the S8 to the sub out but still I can't get 2.1 option. Only two channels and two speakers. I read the manual of this card. Please look on the screen I added. There is 2.1 connection.

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