psu gonna be enough?

just got my gtx 770 and i was reading what it requires and im not sure my 750 rosewill capstone modular psu is gonnbe enough???
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  1. that should be fine.
  2. Seen people run a GTX 770 on a 700w PSU, u should be fine with the 750w
  3. Nvidia says 600watt.
    So it should run on a quality brand name 550W.
    Even if that Rosewill is one of the questionable brands, it should be enough.
    Some Rosewills are good, and others are not.

    Circuit protection may be another story, depending on who made it.
  4. Its honestly been a good psu.. Owned it a year.. Ran my 560 like a champ.. evga makes it.. So i hope its good!:)
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    Found this.
    Look like it is one of the good ones.
    Rosewell power supplies used to be a joke, but they put out more and more quality power supplies now.
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