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So, I'm installing Windows 7 on my custom built rig, and, when it asks where I want to install Windows 7, I select my Hard Drive(The other option is the installation disc). When I select, it says Windows cannot be installed to this disc, and says that the Hard Drive has an MBR partition record. Then it says I need install to a GPT disc. How do I format this? I have an Asus M5A97 Le R2 Motherboard iwth UEFI BIOS if that helps. Thank you.
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    You can do that a number of ways, the first is to do a custom install and as a first step delete all existing partitions and then install Windows to the single unpartitioned space that remains.

    If that doesn't do it for you I can give you a set of diskpart commands that will fix it.
  2. Hi, I am having exactly the same problem with a new laptop on which I am trying to install Win7-64 I tried gparted but I still cannot install windows. It is the UEFI Bios which seems to be the problem. Could you pass on the diskpart commands to fix it?
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