Can't use a raid and boot from SSD

Ok, so I've been fooling around with trying to boot windows 8 from a solid state drive whilst at the same time trying to run a raid mirror of 2x 500gb HDD.

i was running windows 8 off of a raid 0 before with the 500gb HHD's acting as 1tb. i backed up all my data onto an external hard drive and that equals about 400gb.

Windows 8 will run off of the SSD but as far as trying to get it to run off of the SSD and have a raid set at the same time, it won't happen. If i delete the raid and let windows 8 just boot from the SSD, it doesnt recognize any other hard drive at all.

I've fiddled with this crap for long enough and i can't figure it out on my own.

Computer Specifications:
i7 4770k haswell
ASRock z87 extreme4 lga 1150
seagate 600 series 240gb SSD
asus gtx770 geforce 770 2gb
2x Seagate 500gb hdd
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  1. Have youinstalled Windows withSATA set to RAID?
    An option would be setting RAID in BIOS, Ctrl+I and configuring the RAID array, SSD non-member, the 2 HDDs in RAID 0.
    Save and start installing Windows on the SSD.
  2. so i'm at college in idaho (which is why this is frustrating) and i'm from virginia... i just talked to my dad and after checking the ASRock website and reading about the driver details set forth in the readme, i have to install windows AFTER installing the sata 3 drivers and stuff.... so now i have to wait for him to send me the windows 7 disc, and the windows 8 upgrade disc and do all this over again. fun fun fun.
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    No need to wait for the disks. Just have him e-mail the product keys to you. You can D/L perfectly legal, free Windows files and burn them to disk yourself.

    Win 7 .ISO:

    Burn Win 7 .ISO to disk using imgburn:

    Upgrade to Win 8 here:

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