I need help choosing between laptops

I am looking at the MSI 2OC 065US with the 16GB ram upgrade and the Asus G750JX RB71. Which one do you think is better? I have a smaller budget and I like these laptops.
Thanks for the help!
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  1. Without me googling these laptops, would you be able to explain your intentions with these laptops in detail so me, as well as others can nail which is more suited to you? Thanks!
  2. I'd be using one of them as a replacement for my gaming desktop because I travel a lot. I'm not looking for the highest end laptop, but one that can play games well (Skyrim, TF2, maybe Farcry, Crysis 3 possibly) and do some light photo editing with photoshop. Thanks though!
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    I was thinking they would be gaming laptops! :-) If they can game they can photoshop exceptionally well.

    Okay so they both seem to have the same
    Full HD matte displays
    DVD Super drives

    Differences (from what i can see)
    MSI - 8GB Ram... Asus - 16GB Ram (wouldn't make a difference unless you'll ACTUALLY utilise 16gb, you could always upgrade the MSI if it's not enough)
    MSI - 1TB HD......Asus - 1tb + 256gb SSD


    Basically the main differences.. I used to have an MSI gaming notebook with the same Dynaudio speakers, and honestly they're the best builtin laptop speakers.. Very loud as well. like really loud for a laptop, real clear too. No experience with Asus sorry!

    They're both the same specs from a gaming/ working aspect, i would personally go with the MSI Because i have experience with them. 2 of my local friends have MSI Gaming Notebooks and they love them. I loved mine too!

    Realistically you could always upgrade the MSI with the 300/400 dollars you save from getting the Asus, plus it gives you room for getting accessories too!

    Hope this helps!!
  4. thank you! I think I am going to get the MSI, the only down side that I see is not having 2 fans. I can't find many videos about MSI, only Asus, but from what you said, I think it'll be the perfect laptop!
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