Motherboard won't power on. Fan spins them stop

Okay so I'm building a new pc with my friend. We tried to check the motherboard first by putting on the cpu, the fan, ram, and gpu outside the case. The parts are
Cpu is i3 3220
Mobo is gigabyte z77-d3h
Ram corsair vengeance pro ddr3
Psu no brand, but also tried it with my corsair hx750.
So the fan spins then stop, doesn't post. Can someone help ?
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  1. Is the 8 pin power cable connected?
    Try removing the card and testing with the monitor connected to the onboard.
    Make sure that the CPU fan is connected to the CPU_fan header.
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    A few things to check. Ensure that the memory module is properly seated and (as already mentioned) the CPU fan is connected to the correct fan header on the motherboard.
    There are two power connections to your MB. One is a 4-pin connector located near the CPU and the other is the 24 pin header. Both need to be connected and properly seated into their respective connector sockets.

    If you have a CPU speaker, hook it up to the speaker output pins in the connector header so that you can hear any beep codes that might be generated.

    With luck, this is a simple problem with a connector not properly seated.
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