need monitor for gaming and movie watching around $150

Price: around $130-$180 or
Main purpose is to upgrade to 1920 x 1080 it will be for gaming and watching blue rays
Current Monitor:
What's the best bang for my buck for $130-$180?
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    While I have not used a BenQ monitor that one seems to have good reviews on Newegg. And I have always seen good marks as far as BenQ monitors go. I think it should do just fine for your needs. If you are OK with the small size it should be OK for your needs. For me it is small but I have gotten used to my 3x 27" monitors so it is hard for me to judge one's smaller.

    From the reviews I could find on google it looks like it is getting good marks from the reviews. I do not think you would have any problems and BenQ seems like they make some really good monitors I may have to look into them when I need to upgrade mine.
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