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I recently replaced my old Dell Optiplex with a refurbished Optiplex GX280 bought on ebay. It arrived and was great, matched the monitor and keyboard saved from the previous desktop, and ran good. Conformance index score was 5.5. The only issue as it came with XP, which does not support many of the programs and software I use frequently. But I was prepared, I have windows7 that I purchased for the previous Dell, and installed it with no problem, as I had before. I started having all kinds of issues, There is no driver for the graphics controller that is compatable with the older pc and windows7, printer won't install, etc. Finally ran compatability test and found the model I have is NOT comparable with 7. I cannot afford to replace it, is there anything I can do to it as a cheap fix to get it to run windows7 ? It is running it actually, but not fully functional, Index score went down to 1.3. I added 2g of RAM, bringing it up to 3GB, only using around 30% of the 80GB HDD. Am wondering if a better processer would fix this?Currently has Intel Pentium 4CPU 2.80ghz.
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  1. buy a new printer......... i have several xp machine here. that's just one of the reasons why. .......... when you mention frequently used software that won't run on W7.......... what specifically?
  2. Got a new printer, it won't install but installed fine on my laptop. Install cd will not load/start, possibly due to the missing vidio/graphics controller driver, not real sure. Downloaded printer driver/software from HP website, it is showing as installed, but will not print, seems to not send image to printer. It scans, but does not send image from printer to pc. Will copy fine, and is fully functional on laptop. The pc has the system requirements for the printer, and most likely would be fine if I had left the XP OS on it, The old printer I just replaced worked fine until I upgraded to 7, which is not compatible with this model, according to the Dell website, where I also learned there is no driver, XP. Vista, or 7 that is compatible with the Dell, and W7, Having added RAM and larger HDD, Dell support fpr the desktop, and HP support both suggested a faster processor or re install XP, wich I don't want to because I have some photo editing programs, and an online class that require windows 7pro. I am just trying to get a second opinion as to if that will solve my issue, and allow the pc to fully support W7 before I spend money on another piece of hardware. I live on ssi, and have about 60.00 into the pc and the upgrades I have made, and am out of funds. Also there comes a point where I have to draw the line on putting money into a pc this old. At some point it would be more economical to replace it. I just didn't do my homework before I bought it. I was a fantastic bargan, well worth what I paid, and since the Dell I was using was also old and had no problems with the upgrade to 7, It never crossed my mind to check OS compatibility Live and learn....
  3. i just had this happen in reverse in the past 2 weeks. xp wouldn't run a printer 100%. had to hook it to a W7 machine and install the drivers so I could scan a document. just the way things go. if there isn't proper driver support............... I don't like it either. and it also makes me think about NOT buying that same brand product.
  4. I guess I will reinstall XP and just run that until l can get something newer. The new printer says it will run on XP, I just hope it will run on the Dell! thanks everyone!
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