installing drivers for EVGA 650 ti boost SC in Win 7 64 bit

Hi, I just installed a 650 ti boost SC 1 Gb version on an Asus mobo with Win 7 64 bit OS on an SSD. I used the install disk, and I noticed that by default it installed to the x86 folder. This is my first time doing this, on a new build, so I'm not sure if I'll be seeing better performance by directing the install to the 64 bit Programs Folder. As is now I'm just up and running and everything is going great ... WEI rates the graphics 7.9 I'm just wondering about tweaking for better performance. Also, after installing drivers from the disk, is there any advantage to then going to EVGA site and checking for updates, or am I just good to go?
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    The folder has no effect at all. If the software is 32 bit, it runs a s 32 bit. If it is 64 bit, it runs at 64 bit. The folder has no effect.
  2. you should see nvidia on both folders program files x86 and program files , and that's if u downloaded x64 driver otherwise the program just 32bit
  3. Thanks for the answers.
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