Cant boot with more than one drive installed, Asus ROG Impact, i7-4770k

i7 4770K with Noctua NH-D14 cooler
Asus Maximus VI Impact
8gb Crucial Ballistix Tactical (1x8gb dimm)
Kingston HyperX 3K 120gb SATA3 SSD
WD Caviar Black 1.0TB SATA2 HDD
WIndows 8.1 Pro

I am having a problem where if I have both my OS SSD and my storage HDD installed, windows hangs at the logo screen and can never get into the OS. By removing the SATA cable from the storage HDD, the problem is solved and the system boots without any issue.

It should be noted that I built this system yesterday and at that time everything was working fine. I have since over clocked. I have tried setting the bios back to normal and the problem didn't go away so I don't think the OC was the problem though...

All drivers/bios are up to date.
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    How many SATA ports are on the motherboard? Have you tried hooking it up to a different SATA port and booting?

    Had a similar but weird issue with my Maximus VI Hero, and for whatever reason, moving the drive to a different SATA port fixed it.
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