Switching Old HDD with New HDD of a SSD & HDD combo system

Hi folks, and yes I know the title sucks... I couldn't think of a short way to say this:

So here it is: I’m about to remove an old, 500GB/5000 RPM HDD, (Hitachi), from my wife’s computer and replace it with a new, 750GB/7200 RPM HDD, (Seagate Barracuda).

The ‘tricky’ part is that I have her O/S, (windows 7 64bit), Adobe Acrobat, and one or two others, (MS Office 2010 Pro I think), installed on a 120GB SSD and the remaining software is installed on the present, 'old', HDD.

I know that some software I installed in the present HDD placed some ‘pieces’ of information on the SSD and Vice Versa. Therefore, I’m a little hesitant to just ‘try’ something without being more certain what I really should consider.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll call the SSD her ‘main drive’ or “C Drive”. I’ll call the presently installed, ‘old’ HDD the “D Drive”. Of course, I will be renaming the New HDD drive “D” when I’m through making the transfer.

I am already familiar with confirming the formatting and most installation procedures I must follow and/or check regarding the O/S and the Motherboard. It’s only the step of duplicating all the info on the present HDD onto the new one so that the system doesn’t have any issues trying to find or distribute info to the new drive afterwards that I'm not certain of.

Does anyone know if there’s an easy if not ‘quick and easy’ way to do this? I also want to avoid complications regarding the dreaded “Permissions Paradox” leaving myself unable to access some information if I fail to do it right.
Thank You, Rich
PS I have plenty of external Drives and I have used the Windows System Image Backup, but I never had to restore anything with the backups I made.
The O/S: Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium
The system: ASUS M5A97 EVO mobo/ AMD FX 6350 3.9GHz CPU/ Radeon HD R5770/ 16GB 1600Mhz RAM.
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    This should be easy. Just go to Seagate's website and D/L, install and run "Disk Wizard":
    The program will "clone" your present 500 GB HDD to the new HDD.

  2. Thanks Yogi, I had considered doing that. In fact, I still have the Seagate Disk Wizard download I used about 5 mothns ago stored on one of my external drives. I guess I'm going to have to read up on what the requirements are if I use that, but what about simply copying and pasting the entire content of the "D drive" directly to the New drive and then renaming the new drive "D", (after disconnecting the old one, of course)?
  3. I would not trust copying and pasting. There are major issues, such as alignment, which come into play and I would trust the Seagate utility to get it all "right".

  4. I agree... I was just hoping I was wrong, lol. I think the Seagate program can help me keep from messing up the Permissions access which is probably my biggest fear.

    So I'm marking your reply as best answer and I'll be doing it all tomorrow morning.
    Thanks again, Rich
  5. You're welcome, Rich, and thank you!

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