Dell xps 8300 shuts down automatically, struggles to restart.

I have a 3 year old dell xps 8300. Radeon 5700 card, and windows 8.1.

It has always worked perfectly, aside from occasional hibernation issues. Recently it not simply shuts down on its own. Sometimes 1-2 minutes after booting, and sometimes hours. Rarely goes a day without automatically shutting down. Once it shuts down it struggles to restart. I push the power button, all the fans come on full speed, but the system won't start. It keeps on retrying, but rarely works. I would liken it to trying to start a car with a bad battery. It's a stock system. It took it into a computer shop and of course they couldn't replicate the problem. I've blown it out. Tried different power outlets and cords. Plug and unplugged from ups backup. They keep telling me it's the graphics card. I don't game on it. Thoughts?
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  1. run diagnostics on the computer, to check the system's hardware
    when you power on the computer, keep tapping f12 at the dell logo and then choose the option diagnostics, if any error comes up ,, do let me know, else if the test passes, then when you get an access on the computer, try doing a bios update on the computer
  2. I ran the dell pre-boot check and everything tested normal. I had to start my computer 2-3 times before I could even get into the boot screen. What sort of bios update should I do? What's the best way. Thank you so much for helping!!
  3. Interesting side fact. In the past, when i left my computer on overnight it would eventually shut down and reset automatically at some point. I left it on overnight in the dell precheck screen, and it didn't automatically reset last night.
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    u need to go to and choose support for home, and then enter the system's service tag, filter the operating system type and then download the bios accordingly, or help me with the system service tag, so that i can fetch the right bios update for you.
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