Not sure what RAM i need for my gaming pc build

I want to know how much GB a ram needs, i've heard 8-12 GB is good but im ned to PC'S and dont know what to look for.
If anyone could give me suggestions, and links that would be great.
Also I live in the UK so English sites would be preferred!
I would prefer a corsair DDR3 with the appropriate GB's.
Thanks for your help!
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  1. get 2x4gb of around 1600 to 1866

    I like the g skill ripjaws x series imo
  2. would a single 8gb RAM be just as good instead of 2x4gb
  3. You could but you wont be on Dual Channel
  4. Sorry, I'm new to PC, what does that means :/
  5. HaloGamer said:
    Sorry, I'm new to PC, what does that means :/

    Same man. From my general understanding it allows double the bandwidth the ram operates at.

    Dont quote me on that
  6. Best answer
    HaloGamer said:

    Perfect. There ya go! Good brand lineup
  7. Cheers man, much appreciated
  8. HaloGamer said:
    Cheers man, much appreciated

    Only if its Guineess. Enjoy
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