CPU causes lag on BF4 64-player servers

I got a PC with a phenom II x6 1055t without any overclock (@2.8Ghz) and a HD7770 with a minimal oc slightly above 1ghz. Now I got me a a 2nd key of bf4 to play with my brother (whose staying with me for the next weeks)
When I join a server with 60+ players on it with that pc and lots of action is happening around me, my frame rate drop to ~15fps, the CPU is at 100% and the soundcard makes strange clicking noise.

Would a oc to something like 3.5ghz help me a lot?
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  1. What settings are you playing at? Maybe lowering the settings down a little bit will help out your fps as a 7770 isn't a great card to be running BF4 in the first place. An overclock would help a little bit, but your CPU is powerful enough at stock speeds. Could you tell us all of the specs of your system? Sometimes you can run out of RAM because BF4 is just that demanding of a game.
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    Well for sure the 7770 is holding you back. That card is for lower-end gaming at best nowadays. An overclock, as long as you keep temps in check and it is stable, should help a bit. The biggest issue you are hitting is the GPU being less than optimal for such a high power game as Battlefield 4.
  3. I'm playing on settings that give me (Atleast radeonpro is telling me) between 45 and over 60 @1080p.
    As said, the drops only happen on crowded servers with lots of action. The CPU is at 100% and the soundcard starts clicking.
    I got 8gb ram running at 1600mhz and the game is on a ssd.
  4. I would say the least you can do is upgrade your 7770 to at least a 7870 or gtx 660. Your phenom should be enough but I think it's definitely your 7770.
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