can i run dayz and battlefield 4, or gta 4 at very high settings

My CPU is AMD A8 6600K 3.9GHZ (can over clock to 4.2GHZ)

GPU is Gigabyte GTX 660 OC 2GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card

Memory: 8gb ddr3 ram
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    GTA IV will easily run on ultra given its age. I currently own an amd radeon r9 270 (Similar to you) which I overclocked to 1050 MHZ and will run Battlefield 4 on ultra at a very playable FPS. However, if you desire a better FPS (40-60) simply choose high or medium settings which really won't be a hugely noticeable quality hit. As far as day z goes I'm no expert as I've never played. Short answer, your good in terms of high quality gaming on most current and future generation games. Just checkout GTX 660 battlefield 4 gameplay on youtube to find FPS averages for your specific card.
  2. no, thats a low-mid end spec'ed to high settings best case scenario @ around 30 FPS min
  3. doesnt it also matter about the cpu
  4. i have seen loads of gameplay on battle field 4 with the gtx660 and its runs really well
  5. It is def playable just not at very high but resolution is also factor 1080p i assume. AMD is not there yet, might as well get the i5 x750k best value and performance for gaming
  6. pcuser1045 what cpu do you have
  7. I have an I7 4770K which while it may be really good, it really shouldn't improve gaming too much. The game is optimized to AMD which is why I got such good FPS. Just check out this video...
  8. will i be able to run battle field 4 like your pc rig
  9. If you already have these components than your best bet would be to just get it and try it. Worst case scenario you take a bump in quality or decide you are unhappy with it and return it. Remember this is one of the most powerful games on the market right now in terms of graphics so don't be disappointed if your FPS isn't ideal. I've seen Titan owners being disappointed in FPS. In terms of most other games you should be fine.
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