Windows 7 crash after certain amount of time (no BSOD)

Hi all. I am having trouble with my win 7 desktop. Here are the symptoms (keep in mind that no BSOD's happened, just hard crashes). Booted up today for the first time in a month and crashed after login while it was loading startup items. Tried again same results. Tried booting start-up repair and crashed during repair. Then tried booting normally again and couldn't even make it past login (the up-time got shorter). Tried to load miniXP from my Hiren boot usb and crashed after it logged in.

From these symptoms I have concluded that I either need to replace my Corsair Hydro Cooler thingy and the thermal paste (that keeps my CPU cool) or I need to buy a new power supply?

Any advice (and/or ways to check my ideas to make sure I don't have to spend money)?

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  1. Looks like I figured it out on my own. The problem was actually with my APC backup-battery/surge-protector. Since it was unplugged from the wall for about 4 weeks, the battery drained and upon plugging it in I immediately was attempting to boot up my computer and monitors. Apparently, the device wasn't supplying a constant amount of energy to my PSU. My attempt at booting roughly 24 hours later was successful and I haven't had any problems since then.

    Give a backup battery time to charge before plugging devices into it.
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