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I have a quick question, I had worked on a build two months ago, and was wondering whether or not if my PC is capable of running three monitors full time without any performance issues. I have included a picture of the graphics card below to give you guys a better view:

Also, for your preference in terms of giving me advice/tips, I have included my full build below as well!

Thanks a lot!

Happy New Years!
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  1. You should be able too set up, and use, three monitors for productivity. Though if you are going to be gaming with that you might experience low fps.
  2. My three monitor setup is mainly intentioned for CAD designing and such, that is about it. Though, I do play NBA 2k14 on occasions ( I am a college student), if I shut off two of the other monitors and rely on the center one, would that be better? I'd imagine I don't always need the third monitor, or even the second monitor for simple tasks such as emailing and such.
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    You really shouldn't have to worry at all. The third monitor does need to be on an active dp adapter. The other monitors will not affect performance as long as you have nothing gpu intensive running. Turning them off won't do anything as the gpu still outputs to them. You'd have to disable them but that is unnecessary.
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