BSOD During Startup (Page Fault In Nonpaged Area)

So I randomly got the BSOD during start up this morning. No issues prior, didn't install anything new software/hardware. Just normal everyday usage.

I can't get into safe mode, it crashes during startup, I can't do a Hard drive diagnostics through F8, it just freeze in a black screen.

I did a memtest, removed my rams one stick at a time, and switch the order. Ran chkdsk on the SSD and no issues. So I plugged in an older random HDD to test, installed a fresh window and everything runs fine. So that means the Ram should be ok. Did error checking on the SSD (plugged it in using an external case) found a few errors, and was "fixed" so I booted my computer off the SSD again, and the BSOD is still there.

Is there anyway I can check if its an issue with the windows inside my SSD or if the SSD has an error.

I know I can just reformat it, and probably be easier, but its a hassle reinstalling all my driver and stuff, since I'm installing a fresh windows.
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  1. did you try the repair parts on the windows cd it could work .
  2. tried the window repair with and without the CD.
  3. scout_03 said:
    this crystal disk info

    I think that only check the speed the the SSD ..?

    either way I ran both Crystal disk mark/info.

    Mark went through, forgot how fast it was originally but seems a tad slower.

    Info came up with 100% good, no issues.
  4. since the hdd work great and ssd fail there must be something on the ssd or in the bios i would check bios settings .
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