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So i am switching from a very old pc (with and old amd motherboard with integrated graphics and only 1.7gigs of ram) too a brand new gaming pc and i want a new mouse;) but the problem is with al those mice out there its very hard to choose one and ofc i need to get one that suits me. I am an allround gamer and the games i will be playing are: WoW, LoL, Battlefield 4, Planetside 2 , Arma 3, i also like to play strategy games like Total war and Hearts of iron 3. So i would like to make use of mice with extra buttons in both mmorpgs and fps games, and if i would go with the razer naga 2014 i think it wil bother me while playing fps games but if i take another mouse i think only 2 buttons on the side will bother me while playing mmorpgs. So if someone had the same problem as me i would like to get your opinion;)
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  1. Maybe a corsair m95, it look's like the buttons won't get in the way when playing fps games, but you still have them for mmo's.
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    I really think you should go to a STORE and try some of these. Online reviews can only go so far, for example my mouse isn't even an MMO mouse but my thumb can't reach the left buttons properly.

    The Corsair M95 is interesting, but you'd probably love it or hate it. Hard to say.

    Another option is a regular mouse, but a good keyboard designed for MMO games. Not quite the same thing, but ideal for some people.

    You may find THIS USEFUL:

    I'm personally getting a non-MMO mouse, the Logitech G500s after much review:
  3. pr3dator96 said:
    Maybe a corsair m95, it look's like the buttons won't get in the way when playing fps games, but you still have them for mmo's.

    Thanks for your quick reaction to this topic!, i will consider looking into the corsair m95 a bit more. but imo if you have 11 buttons on the side around that thumb rest i guess a razer naga might be a better choice because you have 12 buttons on your side which are close together and seem more easier to reach then the buttons on the m95.
  4. A bit late but i just bought the Razer Naga 2014 and can't wait to use it;)
    My keyboard is from Razer, my mousepad is also from Razer.
    I use the Razer Arctosa silver edition (nothing special about the keyboard, the mechanical keys are very responsive) and i have a Razer fragged speed edition mousepad (or something like that).
    I am not a Razer fanboy, just like the look of their products, have searched many threads and forums and saw people have complete rages against razer and there are people who love razer, so the best is to just try for yourselve i guess.
    the 12 keys on the side will be put in good use;).

    If anyone has any experience with the razer naga 2014 edition, i have a stupid question incoming.

    can you use the 2 buttons in the middle to switch profiles and raise/lower DPI ingame? (for like playing BF4, you hop into a tank or helicopter gunner and you want to raise your sensitivity for quick turns.
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