disable 2 monitors when running in 1080p?

I have 3 27 inch monitors and a single 780. I dont want to run 5760 in all games so i use 1920 x 1080p on certain games i like in thar mode better. Problem is even in fullscreen the 2 side monitors go to desk top. How do i edit the settings in nvidia control panel to make the other 2 monitors shut off and go to power saving. The issue i have is i have to keep turning off the 2 screens and the buttons are on the side of the monitors and i use a wall mount bracket so i have to have the 2 monitors on a sepret switch to manually turn off myself every time i play games. I remember there was an option in 3d settings under the programs to set that but it seems it isnt there anymore, or maybe never was?
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    Just an option. I hate to sound like an advertisement, but this software is pretty cool. I use software called Display Fusion with 4 screens. The options are endless and you can easily change ( user programable ) to choices of multiple screen options with any number of monitors on. I have one setting that gives me all 4 screens, 1 that is my center 27" 1080P only, one that is the center 1080P with my small 20" above it as another. Right click on the desktop and choose a mode and you are there! Much easier than NVIdia or AMDs solutions. It solved all my mutli-screen issues and has dozens of other features. It's not free, but there is the typical 30 day free trial.
  2. thanks! ill sure to chek out pirate bay later :)
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