how to reinstall windows from ssd to hdd, windows 8 came preinstalled and i dont have any cd

my ssd just fills up so fast with data and i have 2 tb of empty hdd. i have tried to make the data go to the hdd but the program using the data always by default stores itself in my documents. as a result the 120 gb ssd fills up within a few days of running the program. i have a recovery image d, if that helps

side note, the program that i am using is ninjatrader and i am backtesting a formula using data from iqfeed. each test takes up like 1 gb

any help would be great.

warning this message contains little grammar.
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  1. you can install windows if you only have product key here follow the steps
  2. dont have a product key.
  3. u can find product key below your laptop if windows came with it.
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    Removing the OS from the SSD kind of removes the idea of having the SSD there in the first place.

    The SSD is there to make the computer boot fast, open browser within the second etc etc, moving the OS to the normal HDD will make your computer experience alot slower.

    You didnt typ in if you had your 2nd HDD mounted in the same computer but i will assume you have that.

    You can simply remap your document folder to your other disk, simply by making a folder on the 2tb disk, then you Right click your Documents folder -> Include a folder -> "find newly created map" then se that map as the save location.

    This will make your documents fill up on the 2nd drive instead and you´ll still have the benefits of having your OS on the SSD drive.

    You can also turn of the Paging option etc on your SSD, this isnt really nessesary and will save you around 7-15 gb of space.
    Follow this guide :
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