is 16gb ram too much for gaming?

i already have GSKILL RIPJAWSX 4GBX2 1600MHZ. will 16gb of ram make much difference in games?
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  1. it will make zero difference in gaming. if that's what you want it for its a total waste of money
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    No. 8gb is more than enough for current games.
  3. Unless you plan on doing video editing in after effects. 16gb is to much for gaming, games will not use that much ram so its a waste of money. Spend that extra money on a video card upgrade of something.
  4. 16 GB is a overkill if you are ONLY gaming. If you are going to be rendering videos and 3D models then 16 would be good. For gamers I would recommend a 12GB. But then again having lots of RAM is good for things like multitasking with big programs(Multiple Adobe programs open at once). And no you will see a 1-2 FPS change IF ANYTHING. So should you get it? No.

    Hope I helped :)
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