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I'm building a computer for streaming of real time financial data (stocks) that will be using 4 monitors.

So far, I will be running a i7-4770k cpu, Asus z87 Pro & 16gb (1600) gskill ripjaw ram.

My previous rig used two GT9400 cards 512mb w/sli and seemed to work fine.

Looking for some opinions on (2) cards with DVI ports that would work good for the application.

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  1. I would get two of those. That will give you four DVI ports.
  2. Thanks for your reply - since these are only 512 mb , do you think just sticking with my GeForce 9400GT's 512mb cards run in SLI would be sufficient?
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    Well, you cant SLI them together, but you can use both. I assume you just want a screen to show up, no heavy gaming? If so they'll be fine.
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