GTX 660 dvi port blocked

I purchased a Zondac GTX 660 a few months back, and I recently wanted to hook up another monitor, as I currently only have 2.

I went ahead and purchased a new DVI cable, but when I tried to insert it in the bottom DVI port, it seems to be blocked for some reason, do any of you know why it is blocked, is it intentional, did I buy the wrong cable?
^ This is the one, the only difference is that it's down-side up, so the top DVI is blocked.

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  1. A DVI-I cable will not plug into a DVI-D port. Notice the 4 little holes around the slot in the "unblocked" port. They correspond to pins in the plug. Check to see if you have a cable without those pins.
  2. Nah, I don't sadly. Will this work? <-- It's norwegian, but there's a picture of the cable.
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    Yes. That will work. Before you buy it though, check the cable that is plugged in to the other port. If it doesn't have the pins, swap the cables you have.
    This is the current one that I have, I'll go buy the new cable tomorrow, thanks for your help!
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