Installing gtx 780 help!

So im upgrading my 560ti to a 780. What do i do first to last? Driver uninstall to installation i really want to do this right.

My rig: i7 2600k, msi gd65 p67, 16gb ram 1866, 1080p monitor, 128gb ssd (windows 7), 1tb hd. 750w powersupply
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    1. Download latest drivers to desktop, shut down PC
    2. Remove all cables running into PC, open case
    3. Ground yourself by touching metal part of case
    4. Replace old card with new card, be patient and gentle
    5. Close case, reattach all cables
    6. Turn PC on, install newest drivers
    7. Game on
  2. should I uninstall my 560ti drivers first?
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