laptop CPU cooling fan not working.

I just upgraded my laptops CPU with a more powerful CPU and the cooling fan dose not work at all. the fan only spins for a second when i press the power button then nothing, the system runs just fine and boots in to the OS (Linux).
I have a Toshiba satellite l305-s5915, I installed a Pentium dual-core t4400
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  1. Check if it's being detected in BIOS.

    Download Speedfan and see if you can alter it's speeds.

    Is there a chance you damaged it during cpu upgrade?
  2. The BIOS detects the new CPU but i don't think there was ever a option for the fan under the BIOS.
    I loaded a copy of windows a tried SpeedFan, it did not work but when i noticed the CPU running a 50 i went to shutdown and then the fan kicked in for a little bit

    I don't think i damaged any thing during the upgrade
  3. Sorry forgot you were running Linux. When you said speedfan didn't work, did you mean it did not detect the cpu fan?

    You said you shut down the laptop when the cpu hit 50. Did you mean 50c because if so that wouldn't be scary. The new cpu has a thermal threshold of 105c. Pentium run hot. In bios is there any thermal settings or fan settings.

    I hate messing with bios updates but after a cpu upgrade it's good to check if there is some fixes in a newer bios.
  4. Speedfan dose not show any options for fan speed and in the little text window it displays "loaded 0 events"
    As for the BIOS it is up to date.
    BTW I reinstalled the old CPU and the fan still dose not spin so i the put the new CPU back
    oh and again when i had to update windows before i shutdown and the fan kicked in for a little bit!
  5. The fan itself moves if you spin it with your finger? Did you happen to clean the fan while you were replacing cpu? Sometimes canned air can force particles into unwanted areas.
  6. I can move the fan with my finger and i did not clean the fan resonantly.
    I think the fan only kicks in when the computer git rely hot (60c)
    the old CPU got hot rely fast compared to this one so I fully reassembled it and im going to test to see if the CPU fan kicks in at 60c, I will run some games later and then report back. it seems to be harder then i thought to get a Pentium over 60c.
  7. I loaded a copy of minecraft and it hit 70c and the fan still did not kick in at all, the computer fells like it is geting as hot as it use to and still the fan dose not turn on or any thing. ok last update the fan kicked in at 80c and is still on even at 50c
  8. It seems your laptop has no fan controls at all. This all may be normal behavior.
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