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How to determine RAM Compatiblity

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January 5, 2014 12:50:05 AM

I currently have a ASUS K53SM laptop computer.
It came from factory with 4GB of DDR3 ram. It was fine in the beginning but then when I started extreme graphic designing with 3DS max I can see there was lot of latency and memory usage in task manager bumped up to 3.6GB.

Since my computer has 64-bit i5 processor and I'm running 64-bit win7 OS I know I can upgrade it to 8GB RAM memory (total 2 slots available) I also checked with manufacturer's website to ensure that motherboard can support 8GB

However I'm confused in determining the correct RAM card needed !

I installed cupid cpu-z to check the ram I have (better than opening up my computer :/ )

here are the specs

I also ran the crucial system scan and
here are the results

Q1.Can I just put another 4GB card in the empty slot and its done or do I need to replace both slots with new 4GB cards

Q2.Is there a difference in type of connector from laptop to laptop even if all belong to same class e.g. can two 4GB DDR3 RAM cards have different type of connectors?

Q3.What does channel mean here ?(see second image). Does it affects compatibility

I'm thinking of buying this RAM CARD. is it ok for my laptop computer I mean the connectors and everything?

Thank you
January 5, 2014 3:47:16 AM

this is a bump