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Hey Guys!
Can you put two nVidia NVS 290s in a single computer to increase the graphics performance?
I've recently taken a few computers from an office that upgraded all of their computers - they're pretty decent, with Core 2 Duo (E6400) 3.0ghz processors and 4gb of RAM, with Windows XP 32bit built in, and a very basic motherboard, so i thought I'd do some gaming (the Total War series, and maybe some indie games), but found that the GPU, an nVidia Quadro NVS 290 (460mHz core, 256Mb of RAM) was a massive bottleneck. I'm not looking to do any FPS or games with a high demand from the GPU, I'm just looking to play some strategy games with no extra cost :)

Thanks a whole bunch!
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  1. Try the HD 5770, 129w on idle and 212w on full load
  2. Snyte said:
    Try the HD 5770, 129w on idle and 212w on full load

    :/ I have two of those graphics cards already, and i don't really want to spend more money....
    If I have to I might pick up a 7770 from another computer but i'd rather not...
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