ASUS x79 Deluxe vs Sabertooth

If I understand correctly, the x79 Deluxe is a newer version and better? Something else to bear in mind, it'll be used for a Intel Core i7-4930k CPU.

Does the Deluxe mobo support the Turbo Boost of the 4930k, like the Sabertooth?

What does it mean to have "3 x PCI E3.0 x 16 (dual at x16/x16, triple at x16/x8/8)"? (particularly the dual and triple aspect). Does it mean if you use up two of the PCIe slots, they're each at x16, but but if you up 3 of them, the first/top one is at x16 and the other two at x8?

I can go online right away with Deluxe, while not with the Sabertooth?

Thanks much!
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  1. Both are nice boards but on the pricey side. What do you plan to do? Workstation, gaming, benching/overclocking or all of the above. You are correct about the Pci-e arrangement, it means exactly that.
    I going to just throw this out there cause if you are will to spend that much on a motherboard then get the best you can get for your money. Newegg has the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme LGA 2011 Intel X79 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Extended ATX Intel Motherboard open box for about the same price and it has more features than you can imagine.
    And I really don't like the Pci-e spacing on the X79 deluxe they seem too close together. If you SLI on air you want to give your cards some breathing room. And I'm not fond of the way they placed the pci-e x1 slots on the Sabertooth. You can't have a sound card and SLI/Crossfire it seems unless it's a pci card but then it would be jam up against the bottom GPU.
  2. Those motherboards are practically the same, I'd go Deluxe for it's updated firmware, the absence of fans on it's heatsink which tend to have less noisy case. If you plan to overclock, run your RAMS and processor a constanly high frecuency, id go for the Sabertooth as it's a motherboard better suitable for overclocking, while the Deluxe is pretty much a well rounded mobo for everything and has more PCI-E lanes, also the WIFI module is a plus.
  3. I plan to use the PC for animation and rendering, like Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.

    I don't have intentions of OC'ing. And I hope I don't have to.

    The build I'm thinking is..

    CPU: Intel Core i7 4930k Ivy Bridge-E 3.4GHz LGA 2011 Six-Core
    Mobo: ASUS x79 Deluxe LGA 2011 ATX
    GPU: Firepro v5900 (or is Quadro 2000 better?)
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB
    SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SATAIII (for OS and programs)
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s
    Case: Corsair Carbide Series 500R ATX Mid Tower
    OS: Windows 8.1 Pro (student version)

    Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster P2370HD

    still need to find a PSU and an aftermath heat-sink for the CPU. Do you have suggestions?

    Also, does the Deluxe mobo support the Turbo Boost of the 4930k?
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    Alright as I know little about Workstation GPUs here's an article that can help you out to decide between the Firepro and the quadro, looks like that the FirePro is in a higher tier of performance over Nvidia's GPU.,3493.html

    Also, Loooking those specs you can go fine with a good branded gold certificated PSU. For you I would recomend this one

    It is kinda big, but with this one you will have the expansion capabilities to run a bigger GPU when you have to upgrade and also a bunch of HDD as i can almost guarantee that 1TB HDD will get short of your needs after some time.

    Turbo boost is a feature that is in the processor, Intel call it just like that, all motherboard that support such processor will have that feature available.

    I alsmot forgot about an aftermarket heatsink, if you want to go water/closed loop this is one of the best out there

    It even match with your case! if you dont want something like that, go air, this is a pretty darn sexy cooler

    There are many other high end air and closed loop coolers, if you want something cheap that is quiet and will run fine your processor at stock speed, get this cooler

    What else will you need?
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