Display stops working at random times

My computer has worked fine for over a year. Recently it has decided to stop displaying anything randomly. It will start in safe mode but rarely start up normally and when it does it usually doesn't stay on longer than an hourish. I have checked to make sure all the cables are secure and all the cards are seated properly and still the same thing.

geforce 650 ti
amd phenom 2 x4 955 cpu
asus crosshair 3 formula mb
gskill 2gb ram x 2
2 TB toshiba HD
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  1. First try to do a format and then clean install the OS. If the problem persists then my doubt will be the GPU. So then try another GPU to test.

    BTW what is the make/model of PSU ?
  2. I did a clean install and still have the issue. My PSU is a 500w antec earthwatt
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    The PSU is good. Try another GPU. I strongly think that is the source of the problem.
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