Windows 7 wont recognize internet connection.

Hey everyone.... Just bought a new gaming computer, an installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. My internet connection is just fone (I am posting right now from the same connection) but my connection icon sais my new oc is not connected to the internet. I have read that it is propably the drivers i have not installed, but here is the thing: I have bought the computer from a shop (I did not set it up myself) and they did not give me the motherboard box with the drivers, or any cd, just the case (and whatever is in it) and a power cable.... where do I find the drivers?? My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2
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  1. lan should work with windows defult os driver .. got to device manager and to network controalers r/click on your device and propertys and look to see if if it says working properly.
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  3. Download and install latest drivers for your motherboard, that should fix it.
  4. should not have to install any drivers windows should have it covered by defult... how would you get online to get new drivers if it did not?? if you did not have a back up computer your done ... heck eaven most bios have a winki linux to get you on line with out having a os loaded...
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