Routing only works one way in my home wired/wireless network, please help.


I have two routers, one Netgear WNR3500L which i use for my internet cabled connection, and another Netgear WNDR3700 placed in another part of the house (for better signal) which i have my wireless on. I can connect to my cabled network from my laptops through wireless connection for vnc etc, but i cant connect from my cabled network pc to my wireless pc`s. On the wireless connection, the network cable ony my wireless router, is placed in the "Internet" port, and in the settings i have given the wireless router a static ip from the wired network where it says "Internet ip adress".

The wired network range is 192.168.100.*
The wireless network range is 192.168.10.*

Ive tried to set both to the 192.168.100.* range to fix the problem, but i get a conflict msg from my router.

Image of a simple network map is attached:

So my question, how can i get my wired pcs to connect with vnc++ to my wireless laptops, and why does it work "one way" and not the other? This works fine when only using one router, but not when using two.

Thank you for help out a noob.
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    You currently have two separate networks, you really want to have one.

    The WNDR3700 need to have DHCP turned off, needs a static address in the main network range but outside of the DHCP addressing range, and an LAN to LAN cable connection to the main router (that can go through a switch). In other words, you need to turn the WNDR3700 into a wireless AP.

    All DHCP assignment must be done by one router on a single network.

    Here is an example of how you can fix it: wired router, wireless router, DHCP range in wired router (or whatever you like), and set the static address of the wireless router in the static table of the wired router (you will need the MAC address of the wireless router to do it). And remember to connect the wireless router with an LAN to LAN connection, which can go through the switch.

    Then you will have one functioning network.
  2. Thank you, i will give it a try later today and give feedback of how it goes :)
  3. Okay, i set the wired router up to give dhcp from, i then switched the cable from the Internet port to the lan port on the wireless router, then, in the wireless routers basic settings, i set it to get internet adress automaticly from isp, then i changed the LAN settings to and switched off dhcp server. A few minutes later i got ping reply from the wireless router from my wired pc, my wireless pc has adress which i can connect to from my wired pc, and all is well. Thank you very much for your help :)
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