MSi Radein HD7750 1GB GD5 or AMD Radeon 7750 Gigabyte OC 1GB/DDR5?

I plant to buy GC first, i will one of those 2. Price is very similar (gigabyte is 3$ more than msi). Graphics card will work with amd athlon x2 240, if i sell it i will buy amd athlon 2 x4 620-640. I want to know will there be any fps difference betwean those 2 GCs? Also, msi comes with 3 year warranty, and Gig with 2 year.
PS: sorry for my bad english
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  1. Essentially no difference in performance.
  2. google the the one with higher core clock and memory clock
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    or... buy the one with the better support or warranty.
    or... the $3 cheaper one.

    Don't beat yourself up about this decision.
  4. thanks for answers, does msi comes with dvi to vga adapter included?
  5. See if you can't find the card on newegg. They will include pictures of what is included in the box.
    If you have a choice, a dvi connection is digital and superior for image quality.
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