overclocked my cpu from 3.9ghz to 4.3ghz but i kept my stock cpu fan. will i need a new one?

Hi everyone,


PSU: 600w
CPU: AMD A6 6400k black edition dual core 3.9ghz
RAM: 8gb ddr3
MOBO: Asus F2A55m

So, i overclocked my cpu to 4.3 ghz but i kept my stock fan...i've been watching cpu temperature in Asus Al Suite II and it seems to be quite regular with a mean of 29C degrees...Do you think i should change the cpu fan to a better one, or at this level of overclocking the stock fan is enough?

Appreciate your help ;)
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  1. Personally, I recommend using an aftermarket cooler ANYTIME overclocking is involved, but I cannot say that it is absolutely necessary in all cases. What kind of CPU temps are you seeing under load?
  2. i built my pc 2 weeks ago, and did the overclock 1 week ago, but under load, when playing, i usually get 45C degrees...
  3. Don't overclock without aftermarket cooling you may damage other components.
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