Asus amd radeon hd7770 1gb gddr5 and msi z87 mpower max


I have recently brought MSI z87 mpower max mother board and Asus amd radeon hd7770 1gb gddr5 graphics card. I have corsair 650W PSU and 8gb corsair 1600Mhz ram. While every component on my system worked nicely, when i tried installing graphics card, my display went blank. It doesnt show anything when I boot. If I takeout the graphics card and use onboard display port everything works fine. Surprizingly, I got display from graphics card twice at random trials. But it isn't consistent. When I checked the BIOS mode, it has two options UEFI, Legacy + UEFI. The option selected is Legacy + UEFI.

Can you guys please, help me here and let me know where I am going wrong? Has it anything to do with UEFI or is my motherboard incompatible with ASUS radeon? Is there any workaround?
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  1. Hi, I'd firstly try updating the BIOS, if newer version available.
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