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Ok guys so my stock intel fan died on me and i currently have no money to buy a replacement (Spent it all on the holidays lol) but i was given a gift card for a particular store (mostly to buy in-store) but it just so happens that they sell a couple of heatsinks online, and while the selection is "VERY" limited due to the store and my location i need a heatsink asap and i have these 3 to chose from.

So my question is which 1 of these will provide the best cooling for my CPU?

-CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus
-CoolerMaster Gemini II M4
-CoolerMaster Gemini II S524

My case is a Corsair Carbide Series 200R so they should fit in just fine. Thanks in advance

P.S Before any 1 ask why i was using a stock intel fan with a 3570k, it was running the CPU on stock clocks since i din't have enough $ for a Aftermarket heatsink when i built my PC lol.
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  1. I'm a big fan of the Coolermaster Hyper 212, both the plus model and the EVO model are great heatsinks. The EVO is the better of the 2 as it makes better contact with the CPU, but I ran the 212 plus for 2 years with my 2500k and had it OCd to 4.6 and the 212 plus kept it nice and cool. The combination of price and performance is tough to beat with those coolers. Definitely a good buy if it will fit in your case :-)
  2. yeah +1 on the hyper
  3. Cool (No pun intended) it seems it's a really good Heatsink for the price. Now does any 1 have a performance comparison between those 3? I'm curious since the Gemini II heatsinks aren't of the same design as the Hyper 212, so i wanted to know how they stack up with it in cooling performance.
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    The Gemeni M4 and S524 are low profile coolers that will perform better than stock but not as well as the 212. They are for smaller cases, and they don't have as much surface area as the 212. I don't have any comparison charts, but the 212 will be the best performer of the bunch basically because it is much bigger and has more surface area to cool more efficiently.
  5. Ok i just order the Hyper 212 Plus along with 2 140mm CoolerMaster case fans, for some extra airflow. I was wondering if you can install a second 120mm fan on the heatsink, since by the looks of it, it looks like you can but i want to be sure since i have a spare fan i could attach to it.
  6. yeah you can
  7. Thanks to both of you for your feedback. I cannot wait to get rid of the stock heatsink lol.
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