no six pin power connectors HELP!!!!

i was looking to upgrade to a r9 270x from my gt 610 and when i opened my pc case to see if the graphics card would fit i realised that there were no power connectors for the gpu so i looked online and just about every power supply has connecters, or at least one, except mine. the r9 270x requires 2 power cables.i cant find the specific model of the power supply but it is 500watt

also i listed a picture of what i could use. would these work. i dont want to get them because they are from ebay and are cheap and might break easily

also will the r9 270x be bottle necked with my amd a8 6600k?
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  1. A word of caution:
    If the PSU does not have a 6 pin power connector, chances are it is cheap and does not have enough amperage to run the GPU
  2. My PSU is recent, i bought the PC a month ago, and mine doesnt have 6 pin connectors too. Instead i have 4 sata connectors and 2 molex (and a few fan connectors).
    Its also a 500w. I bought one of those and had no problems. (However my GPU only requires 80w, if yours needs 2 cables, it probably requires a lot more)
  3. Typically GPU's will include Molex to 6 pin connectors check the product information to see whats included in the box and please check your PSU to make sure it is capable of supporting the GPU I'd suggest a minimum of 500W.
  4. Don't use that connector, i don't know what they thought they were doing but that red wire shouldn't be going to the PCI-e connector, there should be 3 pins connected to the yellow wires and 3 connected to the black wires, a PCI-e connector should NOT have 5 V and thus no red wire. Most of them will take 2 molex(4 pin) connectors to power the 6 pin connector so they don't have so much current running through the individual pins of the molex connector.

    If your computer came with a GT 610 I will almost guarantee you that you won't have the capacity to run a 270x. Open up your case and look at the side of the PSU, on one of the sides it should have a load table like this one, what does it say under your +12V columns?
  5. no it did not come with a gt610 iit came with nothing the graphics are integrated then i upgraded to the gt610 and now i want to upgrade to 270x
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