Gigabyte GTX 760 nvidia control panel settings

Hi guys! :)
So i you know the 3D settings in the Nvidia Control Panel, i'm talking about this
My question is, what settings are best for my Videocard, which by the way is this one
and also it has antialiasing fxaa setting and antialising setting, i've set the first to ON and the second to 32xCSAA but why are there seperate settings for both when fxaa should be in the general antialiasing settings, i know fxaa is nvidia technology but still.... :)
I would appreciate any help ! :)
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    There is no universal "best" Global settings. The defaults on those are usually just fine, the only time you really want to muck with them is if you're trying to enhance the visuals on a per-application basis, i.e. under Program Settings, if you want to push some settings farther than the game allows you to configure.
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