3-Pin Fan wires that plug into modular psu?

Hi, I have an EVGA Nex 650g Power Supply that only has 4-Pin Molex wires. I have 3 fans with 3-pin connectors that need to go into the case, and more fans on the way that I'll be unable to power.
Do you know of any wires for a PSU, such as an 8-Pin to 3-Pin fan wire that I can plug directly into my modular power supply? I have tried searching around but can only find 4-Pin molex to 3-Pin fan adapters, but they are not preferable. Thanks!
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  1. Here's what I've come to use in those instances Phobya 4-Pin Power Distribution PCB 6x 3-Pin Block , 4-Pin Power Distribution PCB 8xWay Block or the FrozenCPU Deluxe Multi Power Port - 12V / 7V / 5V which don't allow for voltage changes (fan speed change) nor can the RPM's of the fans be read but they are effective (the Phobya one is tiny)
    There is always the option of fan controllers but I've not been too lucky personally using those but you may want to look into those also
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