new budget gaming system build help please !

Hi guys in new to this so here's what I'm planning to buy. MB- Asus m5a78L-mlx v2 , CPU-Fx 6300, RAM 8gb , HDD- 1tb seagate , CASE zalman z11 plus , DVD iHAS 324 and GPU gtx 650 or gtx 770 or the R9 270x now my question what PSU do I need to run the setup and will I be able to play new games on med / high setting ?
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  1. And ill be running all at stock speed no overclocking because I don't know how
  2. yes you will if you get 770 prob ultra all games with 50-60 fps , but make sure to get a fx 8350 or 8320 cause you have to overclock your CPU to avoid bottlenecking , i'd say go with r9 270x if you do not change CPU but worth paying 30-40$ more for fx 8320
  3. So with the fx 6300 I should take the R9 270x ? And what's bottlenecking ?
  4. gtx 650 is weak compared to R9 270(X), get either R9 270((X),GTX 760 or GTX 770 - .Then 600W of good psu should be enough , like this one
    you d have 46A x +12V rail = 552W ,which is enough even with GTX 770 .Corsair CX600M has 2 x 6+2 pin power connectors , it will do the job.

    R9 270 < R9 270x < GTX 760 < GTX 770 .
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