GPU overclocking capped?

I'm new to overclocking and want to OC my graphics card, so I thought I'd start out with basic stuff. I've got a 6850 and am trying to use the Catalyst Overdrive function, but the slider for core clock frequency is capped at 850MHz.

Is there a way to get around this in a fairly simple way? I understand rivatuner can take it past its limit but am I right in thinking that I would have to re-oc it every time I turn the computer on; compared to Catalyst which applies the setting automatically upon booting up?
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    You can use MSI afterburner (based on rivatuner) and make your overclock start at login time (it's what i'm using for a long time now)

    You also have more option with it like setting up a custom fan curve and voltage adjustement...
  2. That sounds like a good idea, didn't know you could do that with Afterburner. The thing is, I've downloaded that program but it won't launch: "Some of MSI Afterburner components are expired, missing or corrupted!"
  3. try to reinstall and make sure to have the non beta version of the official website ( V2.3.1 as of today as all their bata have an expiration date so unless you want to update frequently the program, grab the stable version...
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