How well will a 8320 OC?

Hey guys, I'm going to get a 8320 in the next few days. I'm going to get a hyper 212 EVO cooler for it too. I just want to know how well I can OC it, anyways my mobo is a GIGABYTE M68MT-S2 and my PSU is a ENERMAX NAXN ADV. 82+ ETL550AWT 550W ATX12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply with a link here for the PSU.

Any other info you need I can give you.
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    The 8320 is a great overclocker, considering it is a factory underclocked 8350 you can get to 4.2ghz no problem. I've seen people get it up to 4.8 or even 5 with a hyper 212 evo. Your motherboard could be an issue though, it is fairly low quality, and I'm not sure it supports 125 tdp.

    Edit: Doing more research, that board doesn't even support the 8320. You need a new one, sorry.
  2. i doubt you will be able to oc much on that mobo its a very old chipset board and officialy doesnt support 43xx,63xx and 83xx series cpu's so perhaps 4.0-4.2ghz
  3. The big problem here is that your motherboard does not support FX 8320. Neither rev. 1.3 nor rev. 3.1 revision of GA-M68MT-S2 supports that CPU. Rev. 3.1 supports only 95 watt FX CPUs like 8140 or 6120. It is almost certain that your won't even boot up.
  4. What mobo would you recommend then?

    Edit: Here's a list showing of compatible CPUs w/ my mobo, and the 8320 is on there.
  5. I like Asus' M5A97 stuff, the R2 ( NOT LE) is great for overclocking. The LE lacks some VRM heatsinks, which are pretty important if you want to overclock.
  6. The best overclockers are the 990 chipsets (like the ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0) They are also the most expensive though. Otherwise try the Asus M5a97 Evo R2.0
  7. There is no Evo R2. There is the M5A97 Evo, and there is the M5A97 R2.
  8. Would it just be good then to see how far I can OC my 4100 then?
  9. ewok93 said:
    There is no Evo R2. There is the M5A97 Evo, and there is the M5A97 R2.

    There is an evo R2.0, I own it :D
  10. What the... I haven't seen that anywhere o.o. That motherboard is terrible for overclocking, and doesn't support the 4100 either. You're better off getting a new motherboard and the 8320, it will be a huge difference. The 4100 sucks. I have one. I love it but I really, really hate it. It's fun to overclock it, but even after you have it's pretty slow.
  11. Well I don't think I'll have enough for both a new mobo and a 8320. I guess I could go for a mobo and a 6300 since my GPU is only a GTX660 SC
  12. That would work too.
  13. Would I see a noticeable performance in the 6300 from the 4100? Also, will it be good for say of I got a 280x down the road?
  14. Huge difference. A 280x would go well with an overclocked 6300.
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