best graphic for me, needs help

Hi, there. Sorry for my english is really bad.
I have :
E-view atx-480W switching PSU (max power 480W, real power 230W).
MSI G41M-P33 combo
Intel core 2 quad (775 socket)
4gb kingston ddr3 1066MHz

I plans to buy new 256bit graphic card.
Can anyone suggest any graphics card that worked fine with my pc for gaming purpose. I was planning to buy "MSI R7850 twin frozr (256bit)", will this graphic card work fine with my pc? Did i need to change my PSU?
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  1. I doubt that PSU is truly a 480W PSU. It appears to be an inexpensive over-rated unit. Can you read the nameplate on it to see what the +12V rating is? Does it even have a single PCIe 6 pin aux power connector for the card?
  2. Its doesn't have 6pin connector.
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    mysterkrek said:
    Its doesn't have 6pin connector.

    Then that confirms my suspicions. It is a small cheap 200W - 250W unit that is not designed for using a very powerful gfx card. I would be afraid to recommend a decent card for that PSU. Is this your PSU?

    See if you can read the nameplate. Tell me the rating for the +12V rail.
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